Rebuilding Lives


We have so many events coming up this year, it’s hard for us to keep quiet about them 🙂 All of our events raise funding to help local families that have been displaced due to a catastrophic event. We have been so fortunate enough to help many needy people. Through everyone’s donations and attendance at VOCF events, we will make 2017 even better. Thank you all for your continual support.

Welcome to Victims of Catastrophe’s home on the web

We have recently changed the layout of our website to a much easier, user friendly version so that we can deliver you better content, up to date information, and interactive media. Thank you for visiting and we encourage you to get involved with this great cause. Please visit our “What we Do” section to find out how you can make a big impact in your community. As we continue to improve our new site, we would love to hear your feedback and what you would like to see more of. Please send us a message over at our contact page or give us a “like” on Facebook!